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Antian Ji

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 安天记 (by Netease Games Global)

Here, you will play the role of the descendant of Emperor Yan – Tianting Leibu push officer, investigate the various reasons behind the leakage of the Chaos Qi in the Three Realms and the demonization of immortal beings. , and at the same time lifted the blood curse imposed by the three demon gods on himself.

Newly placed, no liver and no krypton

It adopts a brand-new card gameplay, a super classic pre-war battle mode, and incorporates Rogue-like elements to explore the maze, which is rich in strategy and replayability. Travel through other worlds, level up in World War I, explore the mysterious adventures of the three worlds, conquer all kinds of companions and beasts, travel to another world with zero burden, and enjoy easy upgrades!


Infinite strategy, fair competition

Refuse numerical crushing! Hundreds of historical and legendary characters with unique characteristics, rich hero combinations, positions, and skill combinations create a smooth combat experience. Heroes of different races restrain each other, and they can enjoy racial attribute bonuses when matched properly! With the deepening of the game experience, you will continue to generate new insights and thinking, and you will gain something every day.


Dunhuang style, ink smearing

The game adopts the “Dunhuang/Western Regions” elements with a very ancient flavor as the main tone of the game’s main painting style, and at the same time carries out in-depth creation on the basis of rock color paintings, and finally achieves the artistic effects that can only be achieved by traditional ore sand and gold foil by technical means. The crystallization of traditional culture and modern painting skills are skillfully integrated.


Colorful Cultivation of Immortals, Experience the Three Realms

Three Realms Adventure, Chaos Underground Palace, Beiming Conference, Magic Star Dojo, Mozong Cave, suppressing demons, guarding the Three Realms… The world of cultivating immortals is waiting for you to explore.

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Available: Google Play | App Store – SG, MY


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