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Official Launch – Mobile + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS | Steam

The description of Antivine (by USERJOY Technology Co., Ltd.)

Do plants feel? A unique boy from the village and a girl lost her memory stay together for the adventure in the Chengying plain, a breathtaking place but fulfilled with bushy vines. Through changing viewpoints and the way of thinking, solve puzzles and move towards the source of the Treeman.

For the truth of Treeman
Some say once you get order, branches will start to sprout out of the body and become a plant. Find the mountain God at the other side of the land, and you will find the cure.


Change the way of thinking
Change the scenes with a simple click. One of the core of Antivine is to change viewpoints, and clear all the puzzles with it.


A beautiful self-discovery story
“Who am I? “Why am I different?”
In this game, you can enjoy solving puzzles in a relaxing pace and together with a young girl meet on the journey. Put yourself in a teeming world and find the answer of life.


Reviews and recognitions
Antivine has won many awards, including Merit Award of Bahamut ACG Creation Contest Game, Special Award of Rayark Vision Get Wild Award, Gold Award of Youth Innovation Design Festival Tech and Game Design, and Gold Award of K.T. Creativity Award Digital Game.

What is the fate and the truth waiting in front of the boy?
An invitation to you for the beautiful journey.


Publish May 3 12:08 pm

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