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Ape Warfare

Early access+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Ape Warfare (by Bolingo Games)

Do you want to be the superhero of all humans? Do you want to accept the responsibility of saving the world?
If you are the last hope of saving the world, what will you do?

Ape Warfare

To increase intelligence, people develop a virus and widely used all over the world. However, the virus, which was successfully tested on apes, turns humans into zombies.

Ape Warfare

The apes take the responsibility of saving all humans. Let’s play the game, follow the story and find any clues for materials and survivals, experience the excitement of surrounded by zombies.

Ape Warfare

Game features
Use only one finger to kill all zombies
Challenge bosses, search necessary material and protect your resources, more gameplay give you more interests
Various featured guns meet your weapon requirements
More than ten kinds of zombies with different natures are waiting for you in the game
City center, countryside or in the factory, multiple scenes need your exploration
Come and kill zombies to prove your strength, we are expecting you to save our world.

Ape Warfare
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