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Aqua farm : Collectible RPG – NFT

Early access – CBT + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Aqua farm (by 주식회사더마르스)

Our story begins in Aqua World, where mankind and magical creatures of all kinds coexist in peace, under the protection of the mystical World Tree. One day, monsters from another world invaded Aqua World. The invaders, envious of the world so blessed and fertile, began ravaging and plundering the blessed PODO from Aqua World back to their barren and desolate homeworld.

Aqua farm : Collectible RPG - NFT

As monsters plundered PODO, the fertile ocean of Aqua World became desolate. The World Tree sacrificed AES, its source of power, to create a giant barrier to protect Aqua World from the invaders, but as time went on, the barrier began to grow weaker and weaker.

Aqua farm : Collectible RPG - NFT

With the help of the Aree, the ocean fairies, and the Guardians, the legendary creatures and protectors of the ocean, mankind decided to embark on an adventure to fight back against the monsters and take back PODO to restore peace to Aqua World.

Aqua farm : Collectible RPG - NFT

Game Contents

PvE contents : Defeat the monsters with Aree to bring PODO back to Aqua World!

PvP Arena : Compete against other users with your Aree! Win the battle and get rewarded!

Oasis : Build your own Oasis with diverse objects! Get various buffs and utilities from the Oasis.

Guild Contents : Join a guild to get help with the battles! You can rent more powerful Aree from guilds!

Farm : Stake PODO and get AES. Use AES to get more Arees and make them powerful.

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Aqua farm : Collectible RPG - NFT
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