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Arab Conquests:Wrath Of Warrior

Official Launch(Global) + Apk

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Arab Conquests (by Warth of warrior)

Arab Conquests is an epic historical Arab MMOSLG mobile game, which has been developed for 3 years and highly valued. As the first and best historical real-time strategy war game made for Arabs to trace back to the glory of Arab Empire.

Arab Conquests:Wrath Of Warrior

Ancient Arab Empire was suffered from foreigners’ invasion. The empire has been falling apart after Khalifah died. You, my lord, are called by the people to lead the empire to bring back the peace and prosperity. As the inheritor, you must return to the city to command the troops and develop homeland to defeat the enemies and unify the empire. 

Arab Conquests:Wrath Of Warrior

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Game Features:
1. Recruit Heroes, Form in Strategy
2. Siege Castles, Battle in Real-time
3. Gather Resources, Upgrade Buildings
4. Troop Restriction, Training In Tactics
5. Capture Hero, Judge Slave
6. World battlefield, Legion PK

Arab Conquests:Wrath Of Warrior
Arab Conquests:Wrath Of Warrior
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