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The description of 아르카나 트와일라잇 (by

Introduction to the game
New Concept Card Story RPG!
Card battle with six charming sorceresses!
The key to an inaccessible worldview is in your hands.
Play Arcana Twilight now!

Story line
The main character, who got from the modern world into an unknown world!
I have the ability to “summon” magicians and give them “power” at the Kantel School of Magic, where only the most passionate magicians gather!
Will the main character be able to reconcile the wizards scattered across the factions and return to his world?
Gradually, the hidden past and the secrets that each of them hid are revealed!

A gripping story that takes place at the Kantel School of Magic, warning of a border that has been crossed without warning!

The appearance of the characters
“I can do anything you ask!” Gentle Guide Arcturus
“I’ll help you, so you don’t have to worry.” Sensitive perfectionist Spica
“Don’t test yourself for self-control.” Poor cynic Vega
“If about anything, then nothing special … The lazy genius Alferatz
“Pretend you don’t know about minor mistakes. That’s a promise!” Pollux, pitiful puppet
“Do you want to take a look? I believe it will give me pleasure.” Sirius, the naughty idiot

The “protagonist” meets six charming sorceresses,
What fate will you choose in the magical world of twinkling stars?!

아르카나 트와일라잇

To make the character’s voice even more special, many famous voice actors were involved!

Voice actor Shim Kyu Hyuk in Arcturus
“Speaka” voiced by Shin Young-woo
Pollux voice actor Lee Kyung-tae
Song Suho voice actor in “Alferatz”
Vega voice actor Kim Min-joo
Sirius voice actor Ryu Seung-gon

아르카나 트와일라잇

The wizard’s honeyed voice, played by a superb cast of voice actors, is another highlight to look out for!

Key moment
Realistic fantasy picture of the world, full of hidden episodes!
Exciting card reveal!
Collect cards to enjoy in different ways!
A variety of items for character development!
High-quality illustrations are pleasing to the eye!
Sound effects and character voices will help you immerse yourself in the game!
Exciting Random Gacha Prank!
Chat with the attacking character and increase your proximity!

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아르카나 트와일라잇
아르카나 트와일라잇

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