Archer’s Tale – Adventures of Rogue Archer


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The description of Archer’s Tale – Adventures of Rogue Archer

Explore a fantasy world full of dungeons and mazes and fight your way through mystic places like Atlantis. You are the archer hero on your quest to become the master of arrows and crossbow.

Archer’s Tale is a dynamic action idle game that takes you on a roguelike journey to destroy evil beasts in battles full of strategy and tactics. Do you have what it needs to become the epic adventure knight?

Smash boss enemies
Explore fantasy dungeons filled with obstacles and legendary beasts with your master hunter archer idle hero. In this action adventure game, you are the hero to slay epic boss monsters. Dodge their attacks and break their defense with your powerful weapons and skills. Epic gems and new equipment will be your reward from the roguelike battle. Choose your weapon and enter the arena for a fight for survival where only the toughest archery master can win.

Archer's Tale - Adventures of Rogue Archer

Level up your skills
You want burning arrows or bullets that poison your enemies? This idle RPG game offers you a huge variety of talents to train on your way to be the master archer. You decide the archer’s fate by mastering magic hunter attacks to complete quests for epic loot. Claim unique rewards to level up your archer hero.

Hunter for legendary items
In Archer’s Tale, you can explore roguelike dungeons, collect epic weapons and equipment that you can level up and enhance with powerful gems and magical artifacts. Craft unique bows and upgrade arrows to make each shot of your archer a headshot and become the master of arrows.

Archer's Tale - Adventures of Rogue Archer

Why this dungeon crawler game is awesome
unique roguelike dungeons
powerful artifacts to enhance weapons like bow, crossbow, slingshot and more.

100+ different monsters with special attacks and skills
easy to master gameplay

This idle action RPG offers you everything from casual dungeon grinding to archery master role-playing strategy.

Archer's Tale - Adventures of Rogue Archer

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