Archetype Arcadia

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💡 Platform – Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Steam

The description of アーキタイプ・アーカディア (by KEMCO)

The story of a desperate and horrific end of virtual world
A world that has collapsed due to a mysterious disease.
The only way to cure the illness was in an online game called “Architype Arcadia”.
In a full-dive online game where you fight by turning your memory into an avatar, the main character Rust is entangled in the collapse of the world and many turbulences.
The sometimes gruesome and harsh development unfolds with a strong attraction that does not look away.


Full voice makes the story more vivid
An important sister, a master who teaches how to fight, an idol of all loved characters, a mysterious girl who can not grasp the true intention, a girl who protects herself with a carefree smile, a young man who is trying to end the world …
Are the characters that appear in front of the main character really allies?
What is the mystery of “Architype Arcadia”?
A lively and disturbing world unfolds in full voice.


R of Water Phoenix is ​​in charge of scenarios and illustrations
R of Water Phoenix, who worked on the disaster world ADV “Dedicated to the Worst Disaster Human”, is still in charge of all the scenarios and illustrations.
The darkness spun in a devastated world and the gentle look that emerges from despair are vividly depicted this time as well.
Also pay attention to the dramatic sound by STUDIO CARNAVAL, who wrote the songs for “Raging Group” and “Deathmatch Love Come!”.


Easy-to-play operation system
With the function to return to the chapters and sections that have already been read and the skip operation, it is easy to reread in the middle of the story.
Equipped with a simple vertical display option for smartphones.
Let’s aim for all the endings with comfortable operation!

This work is a text adventure game with the theme of online game world like MMORPG.

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