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The description of Area of Attack (by Area of Attack)

Area of Attack is a community GameFi project. Increase player participation and entertainment by distributing AOA tokens. Creates a truly unique and continuous earning ecosystem.

Area of Attack is a magic theme MMO type game based on BSC chain. Players can buy equipment through the mystery boxes and NFT market. Enhance your battle power by increasing your equipment level.

Area of Attack

Hundreds of years ago, a huge meteorite suddenly landed on the ancient mainland, the
land was broken into dozens of islands floating on the ocean, the peaceful life of human beings was broken from then on.
Mysterious meteorite brought huge strength, mutated monsters and secret area appeared on each continent, monsters attack wild animal at the beginning, everything seems to go toward worse later, human faces unprecedented threat…

However, humans also got unique abilities from meteorite, and began to form force and magic. Human become stronger gradually and united each continent to establish an alliance of defense. Heroes of the alliance are usually responsible for guarding home, but also some heroes need to explore the secret area, exterminate those monsters that threaten human beings, in order to obtain rich rewards

AOA has a healthy economy and unique game model that can keep projects alive for a long time.Following is the AOA project’s mechanics of economy model:

1.Area of Attack is an NFT earned encryption game, where players directly receive AOA, AGG and NFT equipment rewards. All assets have process of production and consumption, creating a good internal economic circulation.

2.It has a dual token system built by AOA and AGG to ensure the sustainability and scalability of the ecosystem.

3.Tokens earned in the game and daily PVE tasks (instance, boss) of NFT rewards require certain amount tokens as tickets, and the consumed tokens will be destroyed directly.

4.The NFT acquired by the player in the reward task will be a very important asset, which can be traded and transferred in the market.

5.To obtain higher level equipment requires the compound of multiple ordinary NFT. In order to maintain the balance of NFT economy, the original NFT will be destroyed each time when the new NFT is generated.

6.Certain amount AGG tokens are also required when compounding high level. equipment. Consumed AGG tokens will be destroyed and part of consumed AOA tokens will be returned to the prize pool.

7.We will use 29% AOA tokens as pledge reward to motivate AOA long-term holders, which will give confidence to more players.

8.NFT transactions in game will also result in token destruction.

9.PVP mode in game will produce plenty of tokens, which will increase with the prize pool grows.

10.Teams conduct governance and guidance in the early stage, and in the later stage, governance will be distributed to each community. All players will vote to determine the distribution of rewards and the development direction of the game.

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Area of Attack

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