Arena Legends: Rise of Heroes

Early access + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Arena Legends: Rise of Heroes (by Triple-Joy)

Ready to dive into Arena Legends? Dozens of heroes in three different races are waiting for you to save the legend land! You just need to equip your heroes in a group and let them beat the enemies. With the exploration of the huge new world, you will find the mysterious stories behind.

You can find
– Epic grand different world background
– Beautiful character models
– Wonderful punching graphics
– Challenged levels to shoot your heroes
– Different kinds of layouts to solve
– Powerful quipments to build the ultimate formations

Start your battles with the enemies on Arena Legends right now! Arena Legends: Rise of Heroes is a classic pinball RPG with great challenges where you can fully enjoy your spare time here!

APK not available – use VPN(PH, CA, VN, etc…)

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