Age of Arena (Arena Mania:Magic Heroes CCG)

Official Launch – US, Asia+ APK – Update Android Version

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Age of Arena (by HONG KONG HEAVEN ENTERTAINMENT CO., LIMITED)

Welcome to the fantastic CCG game and era of Mage, Warrior, and Support! Form your own squad of 5 heroes and defeat other players in PvP battles to become the legend of Arena Mania!
Long ago, the gods of other planes hoped to spread faith in Rhodland, so the Ancient Goddess divided her power into five parts and placed her on the throne of the five elements.
However, the battle of the gods has begun, one of the gods bewitched the incarnation of Evil Gods They went deep underground and built underground palaces, in an attempt to erode the heart of the world, control the five elements, and open the door of the plane…

Strategic Battles Challenge Top Players with Your Best Lineup
Surpass ranker and challenge the top ranker!
Perfect combination, perfect strategy, perfect victory!
More perfect lifting system in Arena Mania!

Age of Arena

Summon Mania, Recruit Your Favorite Characters
More than 100 kinds of Eastern and Western Superheroes with Six different Attributes of Wind, Fire, Water, Light, Dark, and the hidden Soul Attributes with no restraint relationship!
Train recruits, improve their level, develop skills, use the best weapons, and obtain amazing equipment.
Remember to send skilled conquerors to fight the dark forces in the Arena Mania! Let’s formulate the perfect game tactics!

Age of Arena

Heroic Adventures Thrilling Open-World and Arena Battle
Log in the game every day and get unlimited rewards.
Upgrade your character status to summon a bunch of unique SSS heroes
Get gold and rune to buy new upgrades, find scrolls and heroic spirit to summon new heroes!
Use your own strategies to improve the ranking and win the grand prize in Arena Mania!

Age of Arena

Unleash Skills One Tap Away From Victory
Build your team in these 5v5 battles and observe the deployment of your strategy on the battlefield.
Smash dozens of Evil Bosses and get more trophies, powerful equipment and glory
Explore the mysterious world of Arena Mania and travel in different puzzle with new challenges, hidden secrets, and exclusive enemies!

Age of Arena

Arena Mania is a role-playing MMO game Players can set up their own teams, sign contracts with various heroes through the function of the Hero Summon, and can cultivate heroes and protagonists themselves
Enjoy all the Placement System and Adventure Play Methods in Arena Mania: Over hundreds of Chapter, Trial Tower, Dungeon, and Challenge specialized Bosses to obtain daily game resources for cultivation
Install NOW and play the best RPG game today!

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Age of Arena
Arena Mania:Magic Heroes CCG

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