Arena of Conquerors



💡Platform – Android

The description of Arena of Conquerors (by ZE studio)

From obscurity to the pinnacle of legend, you will become the author of your civilized history. Will you launch an epic war and conquer the entire world? Or become a wise leader known for your wisdom? Will you begin to explore the unknown as a pioneer? Or is it dedicated to helping your own people?

Immortals Assemble!

More than 50 powerful immortals from various civilizations are ready to assist mankind. With its immense power, Immortals will fight for your cause. They are ready to fight for you, drive out enemies, save the world… or complete the PVE campaign!

Arena of Conquerors

Hone your strategy and customize your perfect team!

Think of all the attributes and elemental gains covered by your units, assign powerful immortality with dragons, take over your enemies on the battlefield, and show them who is the king!

Arena of Conquerors

Build your own kingdom

Upgrade buildings, conduct research, train your troops, upgrade your heroes and lead your kingdom to prosperity! Join the guild and fight side by side with allies! Join the war together to conquer various exciting events: fierce battles, kingdom-to-kingdom battles, royal wars, miracle wars, dark invasions and more!

Arena of Conquerors
Arena of Conquerors

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