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Arena of Sprite

Official Launch

💡Platform – Android | Ios

The description of Arena of Sprite

“Arena of Sprite” animation official mobile game! Based on the highly restored animation details, it brings a brand new MOBA experience. The battle design of switching between roles and Igras makes the battlefield situation change rapidly; the beautiful scenes allow you to enjoy the thrill of jungle adventure; a variety of heroes are at your choice, and the dragon is waiting for you to challenge. First blood, godlike, legendary! Bring your favorite Igras to the battlefield and prepare for a passionate battle!

Play anytime
MOBA mobile game, 10 minutes to enjoy a smooth competitive experience. Fancy positioning, extreme micro control, dominate the crowd!

Arena of Sprite

Innovative play
The role and the Igras strategy match, a brand-new battle experience. You can optionally control the Igras or the role to fight, its skills are completely independent, which can be inherited from each other. The skill combos are more varied, and the operation experience is more refreshing!

Arena of Sprite

Fair play
Arena of Sprite does not have any developing system, ability is everything, presenting the most original game fun!

Arena of Sprite

Dragon appear
The mysterious baby dragon appears for the first time and joins the battlefield aggressively. Come and find out!

Arena of Sprite
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