Ares Chronicles

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 아레스 크로니클 (by ZlongGames)

Become the winner in 8 battlefields and acquire new weapons and the finest wings!
Challenge Ares right now!
From the highest-quality set paid immediately upon login, to Shinsoo, DIA, and smart AI helpers!
With endless content, it’s easy! fast! comfortably! Enjoy the game.

Defeat your opponent and ascend to the throne!
Take first place in the 1vs1 arena, and dominate the battlefield through the three-armed battle!
Occupy strategic locations through the War of Braves, and challenge the best through the Arena!
From guild bosses with guild members to PVP content!
“Various content” gives you the ultimate thrill!

아레스 크로니클

Increase your fighting power through hundreds of equipment!
Create endless combinations with hundreds of gear and create exclusive sets of your choice!
Enhance various equipment attributes, collect all sets, and increase your combat power to the limit!

아레스 크로니클

A multidimensional universe boss is waiting for you!
The strongest boss from space has created an unprecedented sense of fear on the planet Ailes.
Hurry up, swearers, gather your weapons and gather your strength to defeat the boss!
Get a new set and become the savior of Ailes!

아레스 크로니클

Combat power increases with generous rewards, and automatic battles that get stronger easily!
Use auto-battle to easily roam the dungeon and acquire various items.
Simply upgrade your items and increase your combat power to challenge the god of war!

아레스 크로니클

“Terminator” that gets stronger as soon as you log in!
Log in to receive rich rewards including diamonds, rare divine beasts, and legendary relics! You can get a surprise fun pocket from your guild members!

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Available: Google Play / App Store – KR

아레스 크로니클

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