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Aria of God Killing

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 神殺しのアリア ~悪魔少女のリアルタイム3DRPG~ (by DMMGAMES)

What is the aria of killing the gods? ]
With the natural enemy of humanity “Shingun”, suddenly appearing all over the world.
A dark fantasy depicting the battle of the “Diamis” girls, who made a pact with the devil, who can only compete with the “gods”.
It is a 3D real-time combat RPG that fights by making full use of Diamis’ “skill” and “binding skill”.
It is equipped with various auxiliary functions such as auto battle and auto circle.

The original project and worldview setting is “LEGIO” with the masterpiece “11eyes -Sin, Punishment and Atonement Girl-“.
“Ayami”, who designs Vtuber, etc., is in charge of the design of the main character!

Adventure part
With a truth that becomes clear as the story progresses
A dark fantasy story with a huge conspiracy behind it.
Diamis’ story that interacts with Diamis and deepens their bonds.
A story about girls carrying a variety of feelings, at the top of their voices!

神殺しのアリア ~悪魔少女のリアルタイム3DRPG~

Fully automatic combat on real toms is easy to operate and safe for beginners.
‘Communication Skill’, a joint skill of Diamis and ‘Fusion’ that temporarily boosts abilities.
Let’s capture the battle using Diamis’ various skills!

神殺しのアリア ~悪魔少女のリアルタイム3DRPG~

3D perfect playback element
“Raid” where super-difficult enemies appear
“Arena” where you can fight other player units.
A “guild” that expands the facility and joins forces with members to counter the enemy.
Enemies that cannot be defeated by one person can take on friends!

神殺しのアリア ~悪魔少女のリアルタイム3DRPG~

Diamis training
Adopted Diamis purchasing system, through which you can get your favorite Diamis.
All Diamis can be brought to the highest rarity!
Let’s increase the recommended Diamis and challenge the diversified content!

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神殺しのアリア ~悪魔少女のリアルタイム3DRPG~
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