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Official Launch

💡Platform – IOS

The description of Arkcraf‪t (by Yunbu)

The flood is coming, build Arks!

The ancient evil has revived. The powerful demon lord summoned a huge flood that flooded the world. The turbulent waves destroyed the pirate captain Jack’s ship, and even the crew was unsure about the life or death. The brave Captain Jack vowed to take revenge. How can he rebuild his magnificent ship, rescue the crew, defeat the demons, and save the world?

•Rebuild the Arks

As a great captain, you must first have your own warship.

The flood submerged the ship you once owned, and all your crew members are missing. You need to expand your brand new boat to a magnificent ark! Collect materials in the vast ocean, or produce materials on your own ship, and then expand your ship!

Remember: Rome was not built in a day. The same is true for your ark.


•Expand the team

As a wise captain, of course you can’t just command yourself.

Your crew are all missing due to the flood. You need to recruit new sailors to grow your fleet, and at the same time try to search and rescue your previously missing crew members as much as possible. In addition, everyone has their own unique abilities, train your crew and let them become your powerful help against demons.

Tip: United we stand, divided we fall.


•Collect equipments

As a heroic captain, of course, he is good at more than one weapon.

You and your crew need weapons and armors to fight against demons, so you need to collect all kinds of equipment to arm everyone. Different weapons have different effects, so please assign each weapon to the person who suits it best. In addition, upgrading your weapons can greatly increase your strength and defeat powerful enemies.

Proverb: A worker must first sharpen his tools if he wants to do his job well.


•Explore the world

As an informed captain, of course you have to travel the world.

Demons are everywhere. You need to walk all over the world and destroy all the enemies. On this way, you will sail across the ice ocean, through the rainforest, explore the volcano, go to the underground world, etc. Different regions have different stories, and different enemies are waiting!

Recommendation: A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.


•Challenge other players

As an ambitious captain, naturally you will not only be satisfied with defeating stupid demons.

In addition to fighting demons and traveling around the world, you can also play against other players. Assign your proud champions to compete with other players! Defeating other players can improve your ranking, and there will be huge rewards at the end of each season!

Don’t forget: I will be back.

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