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Armia: God of Destiny

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The description of 아르미아:운명의 신 (by 5X Games HK)

In this place where the sun and moon sink into the pitch-black sea and the stars lean toward the end of the world, the flames of hell cover all the light, and the screams of the devil are carried in the wind.
With the screams of demons leaping out of Hell, the defense walls of the gods also collapsed.
This horrendous battle of the gods that lasted for years, and nothing was left at the end.

No matter how much time has passed, new powers have risen on the continent full of silence and light up the darkness.
But at the same time, the black dragon of annihilation roared and tore the seals of the demons, and darkness began to cover the world again…

The fate of the continent now depends on you!

The strongest gods in one place!
A war of powerful gods with the god of fate! Heal your eyes and ears with colorful illustrations and immersive dubbing, from the power of creation, the black dragon of annihilation, to the gods of the East and the West and the gods of hell from the devil.

아르미아:운명의 신

Idle system that can be easily enjoyed anytime, anywhere!
An upgraded neglect system that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere with a single touch at home, at work, or at school! Experience and various rewards accumulated step by step not only in automatic battles but also offline.

아르미아:운명의 신

Hundreds of different combinations!
Find your own strongest hero combination! Build the strongest combination through a variety of combinations, such as combinations of relationships between heroes, skill combinations, and weapon combinations. Even at a low level, you can enjoy the exhilarating pleasure of defeating your opponent.

아르미아:운명의 신

Quick collection and breeding system!
You can collect powerful heroes more easily than any other game with a high probability, and develop your heroes faster than anyone else with powerful weapons and items acquired through various contents such as the main dungeon, rose altar, goddess ritual, and abyss.

아르미아:운명의 신

Play together, not alone!
The fun is doubled when playing together! Defeat your opponents with your own hero combination and become the strongest adventurer. There is even a guild system where you can collaborate, so don’t miss it.

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Available: Google Play / App Store – KR

아르미아:운명의 신
這是一款街機射擊動作遊戲,收集各種飛行員和機器人零件,並根據敵人的情況進行戰略組合,在多個階段攻擊敵人和強大的老闆。 ■ 易學! 任何年齡或性別的任何人都可以從一開始就輕鬆學習的遊戲方法。 ■ 大量收集! 通過收集具有超能力的獨特飛行員和具有各種能力的機器人零件來完成您自己的機器人。 ■ 成為最好的! 在按季節展開的排名之前,用自己的機器人挑戰排名第一,以獲得最好的榮譽和獎勵。
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