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💡 Platform – Android

The description of ArmorCraft (by XFUTURE)

Welcome to Armor Craft, in this strategy game ,you can have an immersive campaign and epic story lead a troops to victory with powerful mechas.

Crush your enemies with a torrent of steel!

Expand your base, strengthen your army, form alliances, and prepare for battle.

Game Features
Collect multiple mechas with different characteristics, match them with the main and auxiliary mechas, and lead an invincible army with various types of robotic troops.


Plan the offensive route, capture skill points, and let the mecha cast powerful skills.

Break through the enemy’s defense, destroy the base, and seize the resources.


Build a variety of high-tech defenses including rocket launchers, cannons, anti-aircraft guns and powerful mecha towers.

Expand your own base , defend your territory against attacks from other players and take revenge on them.


No troop training – fight whenever you wish.

Participate in alliance wars, compete with other alliances, and win more honor.


Available: Google Play USA Canada


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