Ask the Mountain and Sea

Official Launch(TW) + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of 问山海修仙 (by Finger Joy Limited)

“Ask the Mountain and Sea” is a cultivation MMORPG. In the game, you will experience the process of cultivating from a mortal to a strong one step by step, and experience the cruelty of cultivation and the warmth and warmth of the world of cultivation.
Here, you can travel and practice alone without asking about world affairs, looking for rare artifacts in the world; you can constantly improve yourself, challenge other monks, and prove your own strength; you can also meet characters with different personalities, understand their stories, and explore their ancestry. The unknown past of the door and even the entire cultivation world; you can also simply enjoy the leisurely life of the fairy door, hunting and fishing, raising spiritual pets, and meeting new friends…
Here, you don’t have to play the protagonist, and you don’t have to bear the protagonist’s past. Because this is your world, you are the protagonist.

Simplify the complex, explore freely–
“Ask the Mountain and Sea Cultivation” has no cumbersome main line and guidance, no daily tasks like head-on-head, and more of it is left to you to explore and discover, so that you can have a more real experience of cultivation.
Reiki points, treasure chests, adventures, mysteries, artifacts, magic weapons… Only by exploring hard will there be surprises and rewards. After all, comprehension is never a simple hang-up.


Free combat, Shandawang system–
You can experience the fun of killing demons and slayers in “Ask the Mountains and Seas to Cultivate Immortals”. Each Demon King has its own unique combat system, and it takes a little manipulation and strategy to defeat them.
The game also has an original mountain king system. If you kill too many monsters and the evil spirit is too high, you may be chased by the mountain king’s subordinates.

Competing for resources, cruel cultivation–
The world of comprehension has always been cruel: fighting for resources, fighting for treasure, life and death unpredictable…
Do you face it alone or cooperate with others? How will you occupy a place in this cultivation world?


Artifact cultivation, broken mountains and seas–
The magic weapon is something that every cultivator dreams of.
The game has various artifacts such as magic weapons, spiritual ornaments, five innate magic weapons, and spiritual treasure suits. Each artifact can be obtained through Demon Slayer, and has different abilities and cultivation methods.
The game also has a unique mountain and sea fragment magic weapon system, which can inspire different mountain and sea powers during battle through different collocations, allowing you to experience a unique fighting experience.

Spiritual roots and exercises–
Each cultivator will have a different spiritual root aptitude, and the spiritual root will affect the attribute bonus of the practice. Of course, you can also use the Spirit Gathering Pond to enhance the spiritual roots of the Five Elements.


Fair and adventure–
The world of comprehension emphasizes a fairy relationship. There are various adventures in the game, and your choice will determine your destiny: some choices will make you ascend to the sky in one step, some will make you regret it…


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