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Official Launch – Beta + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of ASPO WORLD – NFT/P2E (by ASPO Team)

Legend has it that: Existing in the ASPO World land, there are still powerful sorcerers possessing the ability to summon and control wandering spirits. They live in harmony with the world, feel the nature and learn to control it. However, life on ASPO World has long been almost destroyed by the competition for control, rise, destruction and invasion of the dark wizarding forces.
To maintain the peace and restore the heyday, ASPO World needs a talented and powerful sorcerer to take the lead. Who is worthy to become the next Sorcerer King – who will create a new empire for this ruined land?

Welcome to ASPO World, the most anticipated strategy card game of the year. Join players around the world in the quest to conquer the Sorcerer King’s throne today!

Easy to play – Easy to operate
Appearing on all popular platforms today such as iOS, Android, Mac, PC with many ways to log in to the game, the game experience has never been easier for ASPO players. Perform tasks, compete with friends and make friends from all over the world with simple swipes and touches.
Stunning graphics
Funny drawings. Lovely and colorful character images. ASPO World opens up to players a world-class 3D graphics with a character system designed in an eye-catching Japanese Q-style.

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Skill decides all – Great mind games
With a system of 3 main champions, 45 Spirits and 25 spells, players can freely change their tactics, show off their skills and master the balance arena. Choosing between attack and defense or using combat skills is vital to create unexpected turn-arounds. Each match, each opponent is an opportunity for you to practice and hone your personal skills, contributing to creating dramatic competitions.

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Competition of power
The biggest rewards for the winners all belong to the top strength of ASPO World. Besides performing a series of daily quests or participating in top-notch matches at Balance Arena, don’t forget to race your arms and upgrade your power to become the master of Duel, Arena, Ranking Arena modes and become the first sorcerer in the quest to defeat the Golden Boss.

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Joint efforts
Make contributions for the common good. Join the guild and enroll in collective activities such as Base War and Legendary Boss to win extremely attractive gifts from the publisher. Using the gift item for upgrading Spirits and main champions, the total combat power immediately increased rapidly. The path to becoming the new King of ASPO WORLD in the future is now shortened.

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