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Assault Elite

Official Launch

💡Platform – IOS

The description of Assault Elite (by Me&You Game)

The elite commando team has assembled, the bullets have been loaded, and the battle for the elite has begun! 1500 random transmission maps, multiple PVP&GVG modes, and navigation base pilot! Three modules take you to feel more shocking experience! Roguelike+MMO is easy to operate!

[Navigation base, global navigation]

Build the strongest battleship, participate in fierce battles, and open multi-water hegemony in the era of great navigation. You can train 6 kinds of functional soldiers, form a super team, search for battle targets, plunder abundant resources, global players compete with each other, raid, defense, revenge, and loot loot to fill your base and make you become a maritime hegemon! Free construction, each player can have a unique base layout, through your reasonable layout, defend your ship. The canoe-yacht-battleship-aircraft carrier gradually becomes stronger and belongs to your homeland. Use your wisdom to deploy troops, and you can deploy endless changes.

#1. Assault Elite (iOS) От: Me&You Game

[Top ranking, compete for the king]

Support up to 8 people in the random map to compete for you, occupy the “Nuclear Tower” to get the golden star. Exclusive monthly season, limited time redemption of season fashion. [Exclusive skill blessing]

Each character not only has unique attributes and different styles, but is also specially equipped with exclusive skills! The full screen sword of the Japanese cherry blossom ninja, the full screen freezing of the American BoBo, the K48 Mercury Caesar’s underwater slowdown, etc. make you overwhelmed. With attribute restraint to help you dominate the whole server!

#2. Assault Elite (iOS) От: Me&You Game

[Newly launched mecha system]

Electromagnetic ion cannon? High-energy howitzer? Come try out all kinds of new machine armors, and drive mechas with different attributes to fight global players. Who is the best mecha driver? Talent, practice or mecha attributes are all under your control. The mechas that appear randomly in the level are rare and uncommon equipment. Go find your feelings!

#3. Assault Elite (iOS) От: Me&You Game

[The strongest opponent, the best BOSS]

In each level, there are hundreds of levels that are handled by dozens of different elite monsters to solve them and defeat the best BOSS. Mechanical spiders, armored chariots, mysterious mechas… In the unknown world of maps, everything is possible, and you are the best to kill them. [Random skills, enhanced force]

Continuous shooting, rebound, bloodthirsty, attack power increase… Randomly select skills, and the stronger the combined combat power of skills. With a super combination of skills, all monsters in seconds.

[Fully armed, ready to gather]

Upgrade talents, collect equipment, upgrade heroes, bring your wingman, and experience different chapters. Ice, fire, thunder, poison, and electricity are all countermeasures, and they are fully armed to fight. [Skin customization, limited time redemption] Cyberpunk, western cowboy, vampire and other personalized skins are matched with the same blood strips and footprints, and personalized customization makes you unique. The event is limited to redeem limited skins and hidden skins.

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