Assault Lily: Last Bullet

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The description of 突擊莉莉Last Bullet (by 9SplayDeveloper)

“Fighting in a flash and beautifully, the story of the girls”
In the near future, mankind will face the crisis of extinction. The world united against “HUGE” and successfully developed a decisive weapon called “CHARM”, and the woman who can control “CHARM” is called “Lily”.
In order to fight against HUGE, Lily’s cultivation organization “Garden (ガーデン)” has been established all over the world as a stronghold to guide and protect people…

Game Features
Edit your exclusive lineup Japanese-style RPG battles make it easy for you to get started
Operate “Lily” and fight against the unknown life form “HUGE”!
Simply click on the cards to trigger the potential abilities of the Lilys and save humanity from the perilous crisis together!
Work together with the members of the legion to perform the “Ninth Generation Combination Tactics”.
Participate in “Clan Battles” and “Legendary Battles” to obtain massive and luxurious rewards.

突擊莉莉Last Bullet

The major factions work together to fight against foreign enemies and must also gather partners
“Garden (ガーデン)”, a Lily cultivation organization around the world, has different cultivation policies.
As a representative of the garden, “Yurigaoka Women’s Academy” plays a pivotal role in Lily!
Not only that, but there will also be appearances in “Ellenso Girls’ Academy” and “Shenting Women’s Art High School”!
They will cultivate the best Lily in each academy with their own ideas!
You must not miss the growth of Lily’s!

突擊莉莉Last Bullet

Feel the charm of lily and see the interaction of Lily
The vivid picture allows you to enjoy the related content in the animation “Assault Lily BOUQUET” again.
Experience the bond between Lily and understand who Lily wants to protect the most.
As the story progresses, there are more different Lilies participating in the battle, and more lilies are waiting for you to discover.

突擊莉莉Last Bullet

Special memory card face, watch Lily’s dynamic gesture
The game includes various dynamic illustrations, most of which depict the battles and daily life of the girls.
There are also many new costumes and various character CPs that have not appeared in the animation are coming!

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Available: Google Play – PH, MY, TW, HK, etc…


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