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Astral Lord: Origin

Official Launch – SEA – EN + APK | Gift Codes

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Astral Lord: Origin (by Origin Games)

Fantasy MMORPG masterpiece of the year, adapted from a classic fantasy TV show, Astral Lord Origin, 360° freely explorable world, boundaryless map, offers you an immersive experience in a different dimension.

Extreme High Quality
Hottest game in 2022, double drop rate, easy to handle, thousand times of revision to offer
the most exciting and stable gaming experience!
Free to claim newcomer pack worth over 10K.
If you are an MMORPG gamer, Astral Lord: Origin will be the best for you.

Astral Lord: Origin

Richness of Story
The threat from chaos and Dark Void is hard to resist,
Accept the fate of immortal and pursue the true,
Whatever road is to God or Demon,
The new chapter of life and adventurers are awaiting you.

Astral Lord: Origin

Free Change of Colours
You will never be worried about the appearance of the character in this game!
Exquisite face, exclusive hair colours, fashionable costume,
Change whenever you want, to create the best image of your mind.

Astral Lord: Origin

Light Up the Life Plate
Lighting up the Fate Chart is one of the essential criteria for becoming the king,
Only takes 3 seconds to release the hidden attributes,
Remember, increasing the level is not the only way to become stronger,
the enhancement by lighting the Fate Chart is better than what you expected!

Astral Lord: Origin

Servant and Mount
A variety of servants provide you with different assistant abilities,
Able to make up for the lack of combat!
Mounts with stylish outlooks,
Not only for the appearance, but also the increase in BP!

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Astral Lord: Origin

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