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Attack on Dungeon

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Attack on Dungeon (by Warbear Games)

A combination of roguelike strategy and auto battler. Unlike other auto battlers, your troops will die, so it is important to know when to sacrifice them for the greater good.

Attack on Dungeon


Build an army: pick tanks, casters, shooters, and heroes of different classes. Explore their different perks and skills. There are hundreds of combinations.
Cost calculation: your troops will die, so plan out every gold coin you have and put them to good use.
Auto battle: prepare your army and let them fight it out themselves. While you relax and focus more on strategy rather than reflexes.
Random dungeons: dungeons are randomly generated and are full of different enemies, chests, and shrines.
Massive loots: there is nothing better than free loots! Destroy your enemies to take their legendary items.

Attack on Dungeon

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