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AU3-Dance Star

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of AU3-Dance Star (by XP Overseas)

“AU3 Dance Star” is a 3D music and dance social mobile game based on the fantasy world. Starry Town is a place to pursue dreams . You will show your dancing talents here, experience the beauty of music and dance, create your own fashion trends, and become a top dancer step by step!

AU3-Dance Star

Starlight Dance, Sparkling Music Dance Party
Let the stars light up your stage! The game provides a variety of gameplay, combining with a rich music songs and trendy dance steps, allowing you to dance to your fullest and become the most dazzling dancer in the music party!

AU3-Dance Star

Various Makeup Looks, Customize Exclusive Image
Let the beauty you imagine become reality! The game’s ultra-fine face customization function allows you to freely adjust facial features and combine it with a rich makeup system to create a unique image style. Sexy or pretty, cool or lovely, your beauty is up to you~

AU3-Dance Star

Show Creativity, DIY Fashionable Clothing
Let the world see your light! Dancers can design DIY costumes according to their own preferences and styles, and create their own fashion trends!

AU3-Dance Star

Romantic Socializing, Meet the Destined One
Meet new friends easily and become dance stars together! Dancers can join a dance guild and find dancers with whom their souls are compatible. You can also compete in qualifying challenges with friends.
Chatting and dancing, interacting in the community, the moment capturing the heart is coming~

AU3-Dance Star

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