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Auto Defense – Now on Android

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The description of Auto Defense (by Gameloft)

Protect your castle, build powerful synergies, unlock, merge, and upgrade your turrets! Sweep roguelite enemy waves and complete distinct worlds while insatiable alien swarms chow down on your castle!

Master the art of mixing and merging your turrets to unlock new strategies and send the invaders running! Create any combination of carnage you can imagine with limitless options.
Your towers are ready to unleash the lightning, let loose the poison, set them ablaze with explosions, and much more in epic battles.


Build an array of towers that fire endlessly and automatically at any invaders, just like in an auto-battler. Defend your territory and battle against enemies that invade your world using their best tactics.

Auto Defense - Play this Epic Real Castle Battler


Mix & Merge Turrets in the heat of battle to boost their power and unleash invincible abilities. Discover endless synergies between towers to squash the enemy! Play Auto Defense for nonstop fun while clearing roguelite enemy waves and completing exciting worlds.

Auto Defense - Play this Epic Real Castle Battler


Complete missions to earn rewards, including powerful Turret cards, gears, and gems to protect your castle and forge a better strategy against your enemies.

Auto Defense - Play this Epic Real Castle Battler

Upgrade your Towers and craft brand new defenses between battles. Maintain your winning streak and move further on the map to complete your towers roster.
Utilize each Turrets’ unique abilities, including poison, freeze, electricity, burn, blast, and more, to create undefeatable synergies!

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