Auto Tactics – Battlebound

Soft Launch(UK) + APK

💡Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Auto Tactics – Battlebound (by Taihe Games)

Deploy a cost-effective army to destroy your enemies in this strategic auto battler.

Auto Tactics is the first auto battler where strategy trumps over luck and planning is as important as your choices during a match.

Auto Tactics - Battlebound

Collect units, assemble a deck and deploy armies to defeat opposing players in PvP, but keep an eye on your budget! Out-smart your opponent and prove your worth!

Plan ahead the perfect army composition from millions of combinations and prepare to face ground and flying troops, tanks and cannons, catapults and dragons in epic combat!

Auto Tactics - Battlebound

Manage your resources carefully, as the board is wiped clean after every round. Trying to win spending as little as possible is key to becoming the ultimate commander.

Conquer championships and earn your badges, climb the ladder and become the ultimate tactical mastermind!

Auto Tactics - Battlebound

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