Avatar Generations

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The description of Avatar Generations (by SQUARE ENIX LTD)

Embark on a globetrotting quest to fulfil Aang’s destiny with all your favourite characters and companions including Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph, Suki and Zuko and the much-loved Appa and Momo for the first time on mobile.

Avatar Generations

Journey across the four nations in a living adventure map with puzzle-like exploration. Send parties to each corner of the world to autobattle, earning tons of valuable resources and upgrades, whilst battling with another party elsewhere!

Avatar Generations

Take the reins on all aspects of combat as you control each hero within your squad, performing powerful team combo’s and Ultimate’s with a simple tap of the finger. Utilizing a tactical grid system, position your hero’s within a given formation to yield addition battle benefits, adding an even deeper layer of strategy. Staying true to its Avatar roots, a dynamic camera heightens the action experience and gives a unique cinematic feel to each encounter.

Avatar Generations

Avatar: Generations also features a multi-layered hero and equipment upgrade system. This includes a plethora of unique skills and enchantable gears for each character including equipment, support and relic items, each with various tiers of rarity for tons of possible loadout and party combinations.

Underpinning every facet of the game is a rich narrative that follows, and builds upon, the themes, messages and stories from the beloved Nickelodeon show. This includes bright and bold 2D narrative sequences and stellar introductory cinematics from the same animation studio that created the beloved animated series’ memorable opener.

Official website https://avatargenerationsgame.com/

Avatar Generations

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