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Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of AYLA (by Merdven GS)

Ayla is a fast-paced, challenging, 2D action-platformer that will test your ingenuity and skill.

You will explore the story with Ayla, a girl from the Ilni people. You have to go on a journey through forests and mountains, dungeons and swamps to uncover all the secrets of missing artifacts. You will meet many fantastic creatures. You will have to fight your way through crowds of strong monsters with only one life.

AYLA (action-platformer)
AYLA (action-platformer)

Game features:
• Unique art style
• A fascinating story with multiple endings.
• Original musical accompaniment.
• Convenient control. The user interface is fully customizable.
• The player has only one life.
• Game time is not limited.
• No “energy” or in-game purchases.
• Customizable difficulty level.

AYLA (action-platformer)
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