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Bacchus: IDLE RPG for ASIA

Official Launch ASIA + APK

Official Launch – EU, NA + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Bacchus: High Tension IDLE RPG (by My Play Inc.)

Guess what?
High-tension idle RPG Bacchus has arrived!

Single play, but we make you feel you are playing party!
Don’t feel alone~! Single-party play system of Bacchus gives you unique experience!

Party play with strategic attributions
You never experience party play in IDLE game!
Do not waste your time on boring game anymore!
Make your own strategies with various way to clear the stages.

Bacchus: High Tension IDLE RPG

Simple and Easy to play
Strategic play, but simple and easy to play!
Very easy to do upgrade, fortify and raid setting!
Dark fantasy RPG, but even your grandma can play!

Hundreds gear combinations and set effect! Skill combos are bonus!
No more boring farming!
Hundreds of items will be automatically equipped on your characters!
Set items and your own skill combo can double your fun to play!

Bacchus: High Tension IDLE RPG

Splendid graphic and dynamic action!
Unique and various creatures and demons! Cool weapons and skills!
Real type 2D hack & slash action on IDLE RPG!

Dungeon, ranking and community!
Raid with worldwide users and make a guild with them.
Preposterous reward and benefit for high rank players!

Bacchus: High Tension IDLE RPG

Various events and daily rewards!
Reward for newbies, experts and come back users.
Simply open the app and get the reward!

Bacchus: IDLE RPG for ASIA


Bacchus: High Tension IDLE RPG

Bacchus: High Tension IDLE RPG
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