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Backkom’s Home

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The description of Backkom’s Home

Welcome to the Backkom’s Home! Help Backkom to regain the warmth and comfort of his beautiful home! Please come in, the adventure begins when you step in the door!
Different from the traditional elimination game, Backkom’s Home has a complete and rich plot. In the daily life with your friends, you can pass levels to get furniture to decorate your house, unlock photos with your friends, and enjoy the game Increase the friendship with your partners while having fun. It is an excellent mobile game that integrates leisure, puzzle and simulation development.

Backkom's Home
Backkom's Home
Backkom's Home

Game Features
The game plot is vivid and humorous, and the characters are fresh and lovely
Thousands of new and interesting levels, full of fun
Unique gameplay: choose, design, decorate, and interact with the Beken Bear! Everything
Exciting match-3 levels: Contains unique boosters and explosive combinations, so fun!
Beautiful and spacious mansion, allowing you to fully show your design talent
Interior design, hundreds of types of furniture allow you to give full play to your creativity

Experience a challenging and interesting match-3 game with a brilliant story. At the same time, decorate the home of the Beckon Bear, and create a comfortable and cozy place for the cute Bear and his friends!

Backkom's Home

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