Bad Cat Sam

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Bad Cat Sam (by ILXAM)

Have you met bad cats? Meet Sam the cat. Sam works every day to ruin the life of the owners of the house, and at the same time have fun. Play as Sam the cat and destroy everything in your path, but don’t get caught by the owners, they will be unhappy.
Bad Cat Sam is a fun and sometimes hilarious puzzle game in which you play as the most mischievous and sassy cat in the world – Sam. In each level, you will have to figure out how to piss off the neighbors.
For example: you can take a dog’s favorite toy – a rubber duck and make a flood by throwing it into the toilet. Mission accomplished: the owners are angry, the dog is punished, but you are not. And that means it’s time for the next dirty trick.
Playing as the cat Sam – you will get a lot of fun and positive emotions driving the neighbors crazy.
As Sam the Cat, you’ll learn what it’s like to be the storm of the neighborhood. You can play many different pranks from the most harmless to the very serious.

Bad Cat Sam
Bad Cat Sam
Bad Cat Sam

The main features of the game:
– 16 levels from the easiest to quite difficult. Test your strength.
– colorful graphics
– groovy music
– a large collection of pranks
– 3D characters
– charming fat cat

Bad Cat Sam

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