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Bad People 3

Official Launch(CN) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 不良人3 (by nebulajoy)

Game Info:
A classic swordsman mobile game: Degenerate 3, is here! Lots of rewards and items for you to claim!
Based on “Huajianghu Degenerate,” Degenerate 3 allows you to fulfill your dream of becoming a master in martial art!
Here, you will meet the mysterious Grand Degenerate Master, Yuan Tiangang, Zhang Zifan from the Tongwen Clan, Ji Ruxue from the House of Huanyin, and Chi Meng, the divine girl of Rao Jiang, in this chaotic yet exciting world of Jianghu.
Download now to break the stalemate between factions and start your path to becoming the world’s strongest!


Free 168 draws, SSR shall be yours!!
Start off the game with powerful swordsmen! Daily rewards, Holiday events, in-game currency, and other useful materials for you to claim.


Slay your enemies in one strike! Cut down thousands in one combo!
Cross-server gameplay, free for all, Raid BOSS, and various combat modes for you to experience. From equipment to SSR weapons, from talents to character skills, the gameplay is innovative and easy to grasp! An auto-play mode is also available for you to level up while asleep.


Play With Your Friends And Form A Powerful Alliance!
In a world of chaos, you don’t have to fight alone! Come to Degenerate 3 and wander Jianghu with your close companions! Establish a powerful alliance, use the world chat, and become more powerful together!


Classic and popular characters at your fingertip!
In a chaotic world, every swordsman has their own story. Experience their lore, form a strong bond, and become a powerhouse in the world of Jianghu!


Stunning visual! See Jianghu at its finest!
Thanks to the latest graphics engine, you will be able to see every tiny detail of your characters, the mountains, the rivers, and, more importantly, your enemies and their next move! Using the leading illumination technology and data density comparable to that of high-end consoles, we guarantee that this is the only game for you to experience such a visual feast.


Relive the plot, don’t miss a single memorable moment!
With all the significant scenes from the original work, you will be able to experience the entire plot of “Huajianghu Degenerate.” We welcome the fans of the IP to join in on the journey of growth while using their favorite characters. “One day as degenerate means Degenerate for life!”


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