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Badminton Blitz

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The description of Badminton Blitz

Badminton Blitz – -Different to the game of tennis, the game of badminton is easier to learn and control. Start PVP games online in 3 minutes and conquer the world of badminton!

JUMP-SMASH! Play with your friends or family via Facebook in the form of multipalyers, simulations and fun sports!

In Badminton Blitz, the stunning 3D Graphics and game-optimized sports app style takes you into the exciting and more immersive world of simulation worlds than ever before!

Enjoy your sports dreams with Badminton Blitz: Play PVP multiplayer sports competitions until you become a PRO badminton player. Challenge badminton players around the world in league matches!

Badminton Blitz

Game Features
Compete with badminton players in this fun online PVP multiplayer sports competition!
Create, upgrade and train your own athletic character abilities to professional badminton athletes!
3 types of characters to choose from: Offensive, defensive, balanced.
Customize your equipment, and equip with the best racket appropriately.
Simulate a beautiful and exciting 3D sports arena to give you the most realistic badminton playing experience.
20+ beautiful racket options with different qualities and levels, how do you adapt them to the nature of your character? At your discretion
Unlock mystery boxes to earn rackets, training cards, XP cards, clothes, diamonds, coins, etc.
Go up to the Championship stage to unlock Amateur, Semi-pro and Pro players!

New sports game, easy controls
Simple game style and controls, and exciting control of sports app controls to master! There is a stamina meter during the match, you need to use a flexible strategy to beat the opponent!

Badminton Blitz

Ongoing challenges, badminton league & match clash
Randomly match players in real-time, and play with real players from amateur to expert! Everything is possible! Do you dare to come and learn skills with them?

Badminton Blitz

Assemble the strongest team
Choose the best character and coach for your squad. Trained characters need training cards, XP cards etc. Rackets and costumes should also suit different characters, which can be combined into thousands of training strings. Want to make your character a successful competition hero? Let’s show your wisdom!

Badminton Blitz
Badminton Blitz

Win the match, be the badminton MVP!
Armed with a badminton racket, can you reach the top? With the abilities in the arena and the skills you have acquired, sketch your name on the global stage! Do a Crazy Smash to your competitors? Win it! And be the badminton MVP!

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Badminton Blitz
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