Baki: King of Souls

Official Launch(JP) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of バキ KING OF SOULS (by GrandSoft-inc)

The new highest-level combat animation app game “Baki Series” is finally out! !!

The super popular fighting manga contacted by Shonen Weekly Champion! Fighting RPG featuring the strongest warriors from the mega-hit games with a total circulation of 85 million copies!

Aim for the strongest on this planet with the strongest warriors! !!
A lot of exciting characters have appeared, such as the underground arena warrior, the deadliest prisoner and the sea king! Choose the strongest guy in the history of mankind!

Raise the original warrior and beat each other with other players! !!
Accumulate a Mystery gauge in a simple semi-automatic battle! Improve your Khan in various player-to-player battles such as 10 to 10 real-time battles!

Story mode where you can enjoy the story of the Bucky series! !!
Let’s run through the famous scenes familiar from TV animations, such as the deadly battle with the deadliest prisoner, with the voices of great voice actors!

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