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Bankrupt Devil

Official Launch + Apk

💡Platform – Android | Ios

The description of Bankrupt Devil (by EOAG)

Waking up in the Devil King’s Castle with his body turned over by magic?
The Devil King’s Castle I saw for the first time was just before it collapsed!
The main character’s struggling journey to return to Earth!

Light novel-style delightful story
He succeeded by saving a piece of tissue, but he became the Devil King of another world!
Even as a bankrupt Devil King!
Please revive the Devil King’s Castle to return to Earth alive!

Bankrupt Devil

Charming pets!
Defeat enemies with your own unique skills!
We need powerful subordinates for the revival of the Devil King’s Castle!

Bankrupt Devil

Stop playing simple repetitive games!
Enjoy a variety of different combinations!
The way you play will change depending on your pets, weapons, and skills!

Bankrupt Devil

Enjoy with one finger!
Simple and easy operation of moving, attacking, and even special moves!
No worries about crowded trains or buses!

Bankrupt Devil
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