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Battle Academy

Official Launch (KR)+ APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of 학원전기 (by NRNsoft Co.,Ltd)

Strategic Battle! Nurturing diverse and unique beautiful girl characters!
Complete your own favorite character combination!


If you log in now, you will receive 20 free pick-up gachas in a row!!


Strategic play in stage mode using terrain and features!
Participate in the event dungeon to acquire gold coins, experience points, and remodeling materials!
Attack movement range that changes depending on the character!
5 times a day! By earning points in the arena! Reach the top challenger!
3 times a week! Join the infinite war and reach the top 33 floors!
Acquire character-only weapons to attack monsters!


Who is your favorite character among the pretty girls!?

Required Access Rights Guide

This permission is required to save the files required to run the game on the terminal.

Request SD card write/read permission to download resources.

Available: Google Play – KR

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