Battle Divas: Slay Mecha


Server launch is scheduled for May 19

In the far future, Earth has been polluted by the aftermath of nuclear war, with the last of human civilization moving to inhabit the massive space station, Icarus VI. Decades later, the first group of students from the Hero Academy onboard Icarus VI was sent back to Earth on a recon mission. What they found was not a recovering paradise, but one inhabited with unimaginable monstrosities…

The description of Battle Divas: Slay Mecha

 No Character Gacha

Battle Divas: Slay Mecha

All heroes in Battle Divas can be obtained through gameplay progression. No character gacha, no character shards!

 Real Tactical Gameplay

Battle Divas: Slay Mecha

Rather than just standing still like scarecrows and casting skills, players can actively move their heroes on the battlefield grids. Trigger powerful abilities too!

Battle Divas: Slay Mecha
Battle Divas: Slay Mecha

 Defeat Boss Monsters Sections

Position your heroes at different sides of select boss monsters and defeat them by sections! Disable their various skills and lead your team to victory!

 Deep Equipment System

Over 400 different equipment parts to collect, including hero-specific and set items which grant powerful and unique abilities!

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Battle Divas: Slay Mecha

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