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Battle of the Gods: Awakening (Cn)


The description of Battle of the Gods: Awakening ( 諸神之戰:覺醒)

Call of God” dark magic RPG mobile game innovation, the pursuit of perfect equality style mobile game, active online, battle upgrades can get diamonds for free every day; the equipment is true and valuable, and the gorgeous light and shadow effects create an immersive level of equality The magical world of generations.

Summon the miracle dragon in the name of the Son of God, fight side by side with the demon comrades, and guard the last legendary home with the sharp blade in your hand!

Enchanted, free to fight
Free PK on the whole map, epic tens of thousands of people on the same screen battlefield! Skills combo crit output, defeat the opponent, blast BOSS massive magic outfit, a magic streamer suit, gorgeous and dazzling, soaring combat power!


Personal collocation, cool fashion
Gorgeous dresses and deformed weapons make your battle a dreamlike visual enjoyment. Cool personalized fashions and powerful colorful nine-wing wings create a unique character appearance for you.


Super clear hunting, cool battlefield
Ultra-high-definition next-generation game graphics, creating a nuanced medieval magic world, let you immerse yourself in the shocking experience of next-generation 3D graphics.


Full of benefits, worry-free play
The opening service activities are full of benefits; daily activities have surprises, fast leveling to grab the gods, luxury treasures to help leveling; daily gift packs, holiday activities, blood alliance rewards, etc., will greatly double your income!


National Dabao Free Trade
Dabao equipment is free to buy and sell, the equipment is all dependent on hitting, and currency can be exchanged. Starting from scratch, there is no middleman to make the difference, and you can get rich quickly!

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