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Battle Stars – 4v4 Multiplayer


💡 Platform – iOS

The description of Battle Stars (by SuperGaming)

There is a Battle brewing! Are you ready to become a Battle Star?

Welcome to 4V4 Battle shooter, the most thrilling, action-packed, multiplayer shooter game! Experience the thrill of intense real-time battles with players from all over the world! Jump into the action as you join a four-man squad with your friends and compete against opponents in 4v4 deathmatches.

In 4V4 Battle Star, you’ll choose from a variety of different weapons and characters, each designed to give you an edge in battle. With an ever-expanding arsenal of weapons, you can always find the perfect fit for your playstyle. The fast-paced combat of 4V4 Shooter is designed to test your skills and keep you on your toes. Take on your opponents in intense close-quarters firefights and long-range sniper battles. Strategize with your team, plan your attack, and make the most of your abilities to outwit and outlast your opponents.

Collect crowns by becoming MVP of matches to unlock awesome Star characters, guns, and perks. As you fight your way to the top, you’ll unlock new skins, maps, and exclusive rewards. With dozens of characters and skins to choose from, you can express your unique style and stand out on the battlefield.

Battle Stars - 4v4 Multiplayer

Teamwork and strategy are the keys to victory in a 4v4 shooting game. Communicate with your teammates to coordinate your attacks and devise the best plan of attack. Utilize the environment to your advantage and plan your positioning carefully. You’ll need to work together to succeed!

Battle Stars - 4v4 Multiplayer

Choose your guns wisely before entering any brawl to get the upper hand. Play together with your squad with Voice Chat to emerge as the Champions of this multiplayer clash. Become the ultimate commander and lead your army to a royale victory in action-packed Team DeathMatch modes.

Battle Stars - 4v4 Multiplayer

A glimpse of Battle Star:

– Fast Paced 4v4 Team DeathMatches + other modes that can be played on any device

– Simple and Intuitive gameplay controls

– Unique Star costumes, guns, perks, and much more.

– Get Rewarded for playing and winning multiplayer battles.

– Become the MVP and earn crowns to unlock special prizes.

– Seasonal Events

– Climb to the top of local and global Leaderboards for bragging rights

Battle Stars - 4v4 Multiplayer

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