Bear Bakery – Merge Tycoon

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Bear Bakery – Merge Tycoon (by mobirix)

What is that smell?
Welcome! The hot tycoon game you ordered has arrived!

From now on, start a delightful day with adorable animal friends.
A small bakery in my hand Bear Bakery

Manager! Bakery, please!

This is how Bakery works!

Create new bread using Merge!
Make various breads using Merge!
What kind of bread will be Merge’s next step!?

Bear Bakery - Merge Tycoon

Decorate the best wellness room!
We need a break room for the well-being of our employees!
Buy furniture with Bakery profits to decorate your employees’ break rooms!
When they eat well and get plenty of rest, your employees’ performance will increase!

Bear Bakery - Merge Tycoon

The life of the Bakery is bread!
Bakery’s life is a variety of delicious breads.
Merge Tycoon makes several loaves of bread!

Bear Bakery - Merge Tycoon

Know what your customers like!
Customers have different personalities and preferences!
Customer’s style! Please identify your favorite bread and make it a regular!

Bear Bakery - Merge Tycoon

Open a pop-up store with various themes!
Mr.Bearbae has developed a special bread recipe!
Since this is on sale for a limited time, hurry!
Don’t miss out on the limited edition furniture that can only be found in the pop-up store!!!

Bear Bakery - Merge Tycoon

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