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Beast Arena

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💡Platform – Android | Ios – Coming soon

The description of Beast Arena (by Pohope)

“Beast Arena” has billiards, chess and cards and other game elements, the game is simple and easy to get started, the game contains rich strategies!

Welcome to Beast Arena! Enjoy a real physics-based crashing experience in combat, and play 1v1 real-time battles with players from around the world!
Collect heroes from all over the world, send them out to win battles, get treasure chests, collect rewards and cards, upgrade to unlock new heroes with powerful skills, and knock over the field!

·Physical collision, every strike is expected
Easy to understand one hand drag – aim, release – strike, like playing billiards real physical collision combat, multiple opponents at once to cause more combos will be the winning formula!

·A variety of powerful cards, play a deep strategy
Collect amusing heroes from all over the world, upgrade them to unleash their skills, and with great strategic combinations and maneuvers, defeat your opponents and earn trophies!

• Multiple arenas, mysterious and unpredictable organ traps
In the arena of different regional and cultural backgrounds, there are various organs and traps hidden deep, clever use of these organs you will be the king of the arena!

Beast Arena

•Three-minute fair duel, real-time fierce battle
Play against players from all over the world at any time, bang enemy heroes, win treasure chests to unlock rewards, earn trophies and collect arena rewards!

Beast Arena

•Join the club and play a game with your friends at any time
Join the club, share the cards, have a private duel with your clubmates, spar tactics, and build your own battle squad.

Beast Arena

• Multiple challenge modes with generous rewards
Fun card selection challenges, fair and exciting extravaganza challenges, ultimate challenges, more wins and more rewards!

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Beast Arena
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