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Beast Planet

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The description of Beast Planet (by JYSGaming)

What are the rules on Planet Behemoth?

Only the winner has a say
Gorilla, Mammoth, Triceratops… Assemble legendary beasts to build overwhelming legions of different species! Experience the thrill of siege like never before with tremendous damage. This is the beginning of your invincibility!

Beast Planet

Fight for resources and expand your territory
Capture all the wealth and resources to develop the strongest force. Build your glorious empire from a wasteland and be invincible on the brutal battlefield!

Beast Planet

Always flexible and decisive
What would you do on the ever-changing battlefield? Attack or defend? Seize the perfect moment to give the enemy a fatal blow!

Beast Planet

Explore freely in the adventure of the unknown
In the dangerous jungle, every choice you make may change your fate. Be sensible with strategy and seize every opportunity that can turn the tide in battle!

Beast Planet

Available: Google Play – US

Beast Planet

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