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Beautiful Girl Battle: Stars (JP)

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Beautiful Girl Battle: Stars (by Lancelot Crawfurd)

In the 271st year of the ephemeris, countless alien starships suddenly appeared in the solar system accompanied by a giant insect beast that swallowed the planet. The humans who failed in the struggle were forced to choose to implement the “continuation” plan.

Many captains carried the “fire” with earth genes, piloted the starship, jumped into the wormhole, looking for a new universe that has not been destroyed by the Zerg, in order to continue the history of mankind.
You will play the role of “Aragaki Miku” as one of the captains. You will come to the “Noah Universe” through the wormhole, and unexpectedly discover that this place is inextricably linked with that disaster.
By recruiting captains, you will gradually expand your own strength, trace the root of the disaster in a new different world, and find a new home suitable for human rejuvenation.

Game Features
-Welfare is on!
Novice players, 30 consecutive draws are given to everyone. No lessons, no easy games.


-Simulation game for placing interstellar battleships with simple operation!
The largest fleet of 16 starships travels through the wormhole space. The brand-new placement and hosting mode completely frees hands.


-Form your own personalized fleet!
Featured starships from all planets are here!


-Rich collection and development gameplay, waiting for you to discover!
Rich and interesting interactive friendship system for ship mothers, free to choose your favorite characters to develop, and a lot of illustrations are waiting for you to collect. Hurry up and train your own starship girl!


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