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Before The Dawn (Th)

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The description of Before The Dawn

“Before The Dawn” tells the story 100 years later when humans are attacked by a mutated creature affected by the virus. A peaceful life is faced with darkness and confusion. Pure humans have established “Ark Army” came up. To rise up against what happened

Before The Dawn

Choose the primary and secondary weapons
In the darkness is full of dangers. Bloodthirsty mutant Illegal organizations rely on robbery strokes.

Life safety is faced with danger all the time. A unique “dual weapon system” that can be changed over time. Can be used both near and far Can be both tank and attack Adjust quickly according to the situation you face. Choose your favorite two weapons. And start off with us!

Before The Dawn

Collection of Orange Yutta Set
The dawn is destroyed The shattered light of dawn was unable to escape the darkness that devoured. The scattered pieces have become a vital energy in the development of science and technology.

Production of weapons and energy vehicles Can be upgraded at any time Personal strengthening equipment Allows you to roam in the doomsday world.

Before The Dawn

Join the army
During the search for light You will meet many heroes with common resolutions. Everyone has to work hard towards the same goal. Become a member of the army “Ark” can form a team at any time.

Support and fight shoulder to shoulder together From now on you will never be alone. And have a greater chance of receiving skill bonuses from the team

Before The Dawn

Challenge to fight BOSS across the server
It’s time to test the unity and combat skills of the army, join the “Team Dungeon – King of the Night”, confirming the division of labor and responsibility. Prepare to challenge the last mutant demon king. Win a legendary weapon!

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Before The Dawn

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