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Bit Battles – Online PvP Idle Battles

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Bit Battles (by Little Room Studios)

Bit Battles is an online indie auto-battler where players face off through unique automated gameplay. Players can mix-and-match from 20+ different unique unlockable Heroes to fight their way to the top of global leaderboards!

Defend your tower, unlock Heroes, customize abilities, craft items, and strategize your way to the top of the leaderboards!


Each Hero is Unique
In Bit Battles, Heroes are more than just re-skins. Each Hero has a unique play style and physically behave differently in matches! Will you play tactically with the long-ranged Soldier Hero, or will you use brute-force with the Viking Hero? Tailor a team for your unique play style!

Bit Battles - Online PvP Idle Battles

Customize and Grow
With hundreds of different in-game items, there is an almost endless amount of team loadouts to choose from. Each hero has a custom move set consisting of both Melee and Magic abilities. Will you use Soldier’s “Airstrike” ability to strike a Tower from afar, or will you choose to play more aggressively with her “Rapid Fire” ability? Different combinations of items result in completely new Heroes and completely new ways to win!

Bit Battles - Online PvP Idle Battles

Strategy is Key
Bit Battles employs more than just traditional turn-based combat. Using a custom game engine, Heroes battle autonomously based on position. The result is engaging idle combat that still highly depends on strategy. Good placement counts just as much as having good Heroes!

Bit Battles - Online PvP Idle Battles

Bit Battles gameplay is completely idle, meaning you can climb up the leaderboards and collect coins in your sleep! Play while you watch TV! Play while you sleep! Play while you play Bit Battles on another device! Check back later and enjoy the loot your heroes have been collecting!

Bit Battles - Online PvP Idle Battles

Defend your Tower
In the Bit Battles Arena, the first to destroy the enemy tower wins! Towers and Tower Turrets can be customized to provide your team with the backup they need on the battlefield.

Online Matchmaking
Bit Battles features a global matchmaking system with live leaderboards. Every new 1v1 match is a new chance to show off your team and stun online players with a thrilling victory.

Upgrade and Level Up!
With the upgrade system, your collection of items can be merged and upgraded to create even more powerful copies! Turn your leftover D-tier items all the way into fabled SSS-tier items!

Bit Battles - Online PvP Idle Battles
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