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Black Myth: Monkey King

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Black Myth: Monkey King (by Dreamstar Network Limited)

Complete stage 3-8 and finish the quests to get 3,000 summoning tickets. Log in on the first day to also get a red skin for the Supreme Hero Monkey!

Game Features

Idle Looting, Abundant Rewards

The easy auto-play system allows you to continually earn rich rewards even during your busy daily life. With abundant chests dropping randomly and high equipment drop rates, you can always enjoy the thrill of opening chests and experience an exhilarating sense of achievement.


Summon Pals, Build a Team
With a comprehensive summoning system, you can recruit unique companions to form a powerful team. Each companion has unique skills and a background story, making your team more diverse and battle strategies more flexible as you adventure together.


Boss Hunts, Defeat the Demon King
It’s not just about personal adventure; teamwork is also crucial. Challenge powerful bosses with your teammates, experiencing heart-pounding battles and winning rich rewards and supreme honors.


Monkey Advancement, Free Choices
Your monkey is not only a brave warrior but can also continually advance and become stronger. The game offers multiple advancement paths, allowing you to choose freely according to your preferences. Whether focusing on strength, agility, or wisdom, you can cultivate a unique monkey with distinctive traits and abilities.


Monkey Fishing, Effortless Gains
When you wanna relax, your monkey can participate in fishing activities. Gain various precious resources leisurely. Without the need for hard-fought battles, just a simple cast of the rod might yield unexpected rewards.

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