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Black Troop: Legend

Open Beta + Apk

💡Platform – Android | Ios – Coming soon

The description of Black Troop: Legend (by ZeroneGames)

With the intellectual property of the Black Troops series and the theme of the universe, the strategy role-playing mobile game Black Troop: Legend is coming!
Here, you can explore the world of Super Seminary in the original maps. When you pass through the maps, you can restore the classic plot and witness the battle of the gods!

Black Troop: Legend

Assemble members and gathering all popular characters
The most powerful hero will come out from the Miwakawa, Demon, Angel or Void!
The popular characters are gathered with the original voice acting, come reunite with the beloved!

Black Troop: Legend

Awaken your genes, freely upgrade and infinitely evolve
You can get the infinite evolution, becoming the ultimate Celestial Form even beyond the god!
Awaken and liberate your superpower by breaking through the upper limit of the ability!

Black Troop: Legend

Use strategy and matching to defeat strong enemies
You can try different combinations through hero formation and skills combination!
Check the situation of the war, adjust the skills, and fight back for victory till the end!

Black Troop: Legend

Different kinds of trial Challenges and random rewards
Meet the powerful enemies coming form the Void! Conquer the various maps and claim unlimited rewards!
Black Troops join the war and fight for victory! Pass through the battle plot and achieve the final winning with them!

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Black Troop: Legend
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