Blackout Rugby Manager

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The description of Blackout Rugby Manager (by Blackout.Games)

Are you ready to take on the challenge of becoming a world-class rugby manager?

Blackout Rugby manager is a complete manager simulation, putting you in the shoes of a rugby manager of a new club. You have ultimate control of your club’s success!

Blackout is free to play, so download and create your club now. Pick your first 15 and get out on the pitch to take on the challenge!


Create match-day tactics and play-styles to take advantage of your team’s strengths. Show off your rugby knowledge by creating attack patterns, kicking strategies, lineout targets and defensive systems.

Blackout Rugby Manager

Watch your team play in our real-time 3D game engine. See your game plan come to life on the field to achieve victory!. Each game being different requires tactical thinking on how the manager can outsmart their opposition.

Manage your club’s ecosystem by building infrastructure such as training grounds, upgrading your stadium and medical centres. Go through the journey from the beginning of your club to getting to the top of the ladder boards

Blackout Rugby Manager

Manage tech trees with each building offering unique advancements, shaping how your team performs on game day to help you dominate the competition.

Individual players have technical, mental, and physical stats that make each member of your team unique. Use our in-depth card system to create training regimes, contract negotiations or even reduce injuries time, helping you overcome the challenges of being a manager.

Blackout Rugby Manager

Scout, train, and trade your players, to build the best possible team on the pitch. Youth academies and transfer market allows managers to select the best players for their team

Create a league with your friends, compete against each to show off your manager skills. Join or create a Union with your friends, work together to earn rewards!

Blackout Rugby Manager

Manage a balanced finance system that allows you to concentrate on winning games and collecting trophies whilst leaving the boring mundane money counting to your club’s board

With many more features on the way!

We at Blackout plan on continuing to improve and make changes to the game to improve user experiences, making the best possible sports manager games. Please contact us to give feedback or report any bugs

Blackout Rugby Manager

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