Blade Fantasy-Immortal Epic

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The description of Blade Fantasy-Immortal Epic (by archei)

Welcome to “Blade Fantasy”– A MMORPG mobile game with an eastern fantasy theme.
In the game, you could start your own adventure, collect relics and weapons to arm yourself; tame the beasts as your ride; get power from the lost scrolls and learn new abilities; you may choose to maintain as a warrior of justice, or you would like to gain the force of demons and become as one member of the chaos? All depend on you, my warrior. Pick up your weapon now and join in “Blade Fantasy” to write down your own epic.

In the very origin of the world, there was nothing but void. The Giant Pangu awaken from darkness, raised his hatchet and make a huge cut. The celestial and the ground were separated by this massive power. In the chaos, something was forming, swallowed everything that lay on the path. It was called the “Outer Demons”

Million years ago, the Outer Demons invaded the world, the Four Divines united together in the fallen battleground and fought against the Outer Demons, lately, in order to eliminate the Demons, the Four Divines sacrificed themselves and gained the massive power from the chaos. The battle was such devastated, creatures were dying by the remained power during the war.

But one potential disaster was left: The Outer Demons Spirit was still there in the void, it cooled down and back to dormancy mod. Now million years after, the Outer Demons is awakened, ready for the feast to swallow everything again. Will you be the one to save us?

–Breathtaking Storyline. Adventure in the open eastern World–
There are stories waiting to be told; worlds to be found; battles to be fought. Experience the eastern fantasy world

Blade Fantasy-Immortal Epic

–Class Transfer. Choose to Become God or Demon–
Maintain as a divine warrior, or you would like to gain the force of demons and become as one member of the chaos? All depend on you.

— Abundant Outfits. Dress Up for the Latest Warrior–
Check your Armoire, there are different clothes, weapon skins and battle wings available.

Blade Fantasy-Immortal Epic

–Tame Divine Beasts. Get the Adventure Pet–
Ready to face the Great Whale and the Northern Dragon? Can you tame them as your own pet? Gain the force from the beasts!

–Squad Up and Fight. Multiplayer online arena–
Are you looking for a great union? Create your own guild or join someone else’s guild! Don’t forget to invite your friends and squad up.

Blade Fantasy-Immortal Epic

–Challenge the Dungeons. Collect the Rare Items–
Challenge the monster bosses in the dungeons, you will be rewarded with rare items for your courage. You may collect legendary weapons from the battlegrounds!

–Auction System. Available for Every One–
You have some left over gears and items? Take part in the trade system, sell your items and buying something from others! Someone may have the precious items to sell, are you the lucky buyer?

Blade Fantasy-Immortal Epic

–Customization Feature. Character-shaping as you wish–
Customize your character, with large amount of outfits and gears.

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Blade Fantasy-Immortal Epic

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